Professor Lone Gram is heading the Bacterial Ecophysiology and Biotechnology group at DTU Systems Biology. Prof. Gram has extensive experience with management of large scale research projects with several university and commercial partners. postdoc Virginie Oxaran will join the project from December 2013.  The group has a high level of expertice in sub-typing, genetic analyses, biofilm work and assessing disinfection efficiency, and has facilities and equipment for the proposed project. The group has close collaboration with the groups of Professor Ingmer (KU Life) and Professor Molin (DTU Systems biology). The group is also linked to the recently established Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for BioSustainability where forefront microbiological facilities are available. Current collaborators also include biocide producers and cleaning companies that can provide input for the proposed project.

Professor Elaine De Martinis’ research group located at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto of University of São Paulo (USP) has been working for more than a decade on foodborne pathogens and probiotic bacteria, with contributions on new isolates of lactic acid bacteria and purification of bacteriocins, mainly with potential for food biopreservation. In all these years, several international studies in collaboration were concluded successfully and students have found ample opportunity to be engaged in undergraduate and graduate research activities under the supervision of Prof. De Martinis. At the moment, there are students working on funded on-going research projects on the ability of biofilm formation by Listeria monocytogenes and on the natural occurring microbiota from cheese and dairy from cow, goat and buffalo for technological applications

Professors Carlos Augusto Fernandes de Oliveira and Carlos Humberto Corassin, from Department of Food Engineering, FZEA-USP are partners in the project. Prof. Carlos Corassin was recently hired by USP for the Food Microbiology area and at first, he joined the research group of Prof. Carlos Oliveira. Prof. Carlos Oliveira has been working in the Animal and Food Microbiology areas since the 80´s and is very experienced in coordinating and participating in national and international collaborative projects. He has been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses at USP since 1995 and contributed for the formation of a significant number of Master and Ph.D. students. For this project, his student Sarah Hwa In Lee, from the graduate program in Food Engineering, FZEA-USP is going to be part of the team. The professors of Pirassununga have international recognition in research activities related to Food Science and Technology linked to farm production (milk, meat, fish etc) and for this project, will be responsible for contacting the dairy plant managers in the state of São Paulo for the sampling in situ of food and of dairy environment and equipments. They will also contribute with isolation, identification and molecular typing of bacterial isolates.

Prof. Virgínia Alves was recently hired at Faculty of Pharmacy - Federal University of Goiás to nucleate a new research group that will be pioneer at that location for the research at international level on Foodborne Pathogens. She has a strong background in teaching undergraduate courses in the biological area and presents solid theoretical basis on biological sciences applied to the study of the ecology of bacteria in foods, as well a personal international experience on project development with the Danish research group of the present proposal. Her participation will be important to contribute with sampling for the project on a geographically distinct dairy plant for comparative purpose of the resident microbiota from biofilms. Also, the development of the project should contribute for the formation of undergraduate and graduate students at Federal University of Goiás, an important food producing area of Brazil but not as well developed as the state of São Paulo.



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